A child development app for parents, nannies, and daycares.

Personalized for 0 to 12 years old.


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Akily is an app that provides developmental activities for parents, nannies and daycares to do with their children face to face.


Simplified proven methodology

Akily is based on the SteppingBlock Method.


Activities designed with love

Thousands of relevant, easy to do and short activities to help you elevate your child’s abilities in any or all six areas of development.


Tailored journeys and progress

Your progress will be recorded to provide personalized activities.


The core of Akily is a deep learning implementation of a parental guidance system for child development that features a graph analytical system. Each new interaction provides our graph with new data that will improve the predictability of our system, providing in turn unique pathways for our users.


Our Team

We are a proud female owned venture with extensive backgrounds in education and tech entrepreneurship. Our innovative mindsets propelled us to create a new way of approaching children's development to support parents in this monumental, yet important task of life. 


Natalia Ulloa
Co-Founder & Head of Product


I was once the curious kid who always wanted to know more about everything. And from early on, I realized that the typical education system would not get me where I wanted. Since then, I've not stopped looking at new ways to improve children's education.

This path has taken me to create and run a successful elementary school, a children's therapy center and now I enjoy all the work that involves homeschooling my kids. I have also become interested in applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning models for optimization of educational processes.

I believe that education is an individual, unique experience for every child. As an educator, I want to encourage and help children to reach their full potential. I want children to realize that they are all different, and understand that diversity is a good thing. I believe that there are different types of intelligence, and creativity is just as important as logic.

Working with children gave me the opportunity to see first hand, how each one of them could reach their goals in a natural way, as long as they are presented with the right steps to do so.

With Akily, our dream of delivering  just the right exercise to a child at just the right time has become true.


Tania Zapata
Co-Founder & CEO

I am Colombian-born entrepreneur that has wore several hats – CEO of Voice123, Chief People Officer of Bunny Inc., currently Angel investor of over 20 tech companies, and CEO of Akily. I also sit on the board and advise several tech companies.

I am proud people geek, with a love of learning that runs deep with topics such as neuroscience, behavior, organizational culture, and lately deep learning and coding. I continually strive to try new things to improve myself and my workplace.

My interest for building Akily was to give power to parents and caregivers to help their children reach their full potential. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and although this diagnosis came as a relief, I wish I could have known of it earlier to be able to take the steps needed to minimize the shortcomings of ADHD and at the same time amplify its benefits.

Our belief at Akily is that every condition has its strengths and disadvantages, and as long as you are able to amplify the strengths and minimize the shortcomings, you will have a fulfilling life.


Bryan Rodriguez
Co-Founder & Engineer

I am a Colombian Systems Engineer graduated from the Distrital Francisco José de Caldas University in Bogota. I began working as a web developer in 2013 when I accepted to join Apps.co. an effort from the Colombian government to drive entrepreneurship in the country. From there, I started a company with a group of friends, called QuicklyApps. 

Since 2013, have worked on multiple backend projects, as well as with a variety of frontend and mobile technologies. In 2016, I was the lead developer for a project that consisted of the real-time tracking of school routes, where we used various web and mobile technologies including Ruby on Rails, NodeJS (Socket.io), Redis, Ionic, AWS -  among others -  to build it. 

I am excited to use my experience and knowledge to help AKILY develop, grow, and make the world a better place one child at a time


Daniel Ramos
Junior Engineer

I am a passionate autodidact! I am a self-thought mechatronics engineer and have worked as a developer and as a designer of manufacturing simulation systems.

I have acquired my knowledge through to the Colombian Federation of Software and technology (Fedesoft), taking several courses in online education platform Platzi, and I am currently improving my skills at SENA.

I am always looking to add value in what I do, at Akily, I see the opportunity to contribute with nurturing the newer generations, and that inspires me a lot.


Alex Torrenegra

I am the CEO of Torre where he is building THE global platform that enables everyone to find fulfilling professionals opportunities easily. Previously, I co-founded and bootstrapped Voice123 in 2002 (the first and largest global marketplace for voice-overs with over 200,000 voice actors and 100,000 buyers), as well as Bunny Inc. in 2011 (a mission-critical outsourcing solution for writing, voice recordings, and translations), with my wife Tania Zapata. With hundreds of thousands of users, availability in five languages, and team members in 10+ countries, both companies are growing steadily. In 2019, along with Santiago Jaramillo as CEO, I co-founded Emma Holdings, a company that invests in and operates digital platforms. I was honored by MIT’s Technology Review with the TR35 Top Colombian Innovator of the Year award in 2012, with the High-Impact Entrepreneur title by Endeavor in 2013, and named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2015. Together, Tania and I have angel invested in 20+ tech companies. I joined Sony's Shark Tank Colombia as an investor in 2017. In 2019, I co-founded the Torrenegra Accelerator, a business school for entrepreneurs. I’ve written several practical guides and frameworks: https://medium.com/tag/torrenegra-frameworks/latest


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